Drivers Licence and Road Rules

Drivers licence

A driver’s license is a document (identity card) that a driver in traffic uses to prove their right to drive a motor vehicle of a certain category.

* Replacement of a foreign driving license with a license of the Republic of Serbia 

Information Regarding the Agreement on the Mutual Acceptance of Driving Licenses Between Serbia and Italy

The validity of Republic of Serbia drivers licenses abroad can be checked: Here

Foreigners who are granted permanent residence in the Republic of Serbia, and citizens of the Republic of Serbia who have returned from abroad, i. e. come to the RS to stay permanently, as well as staff from the diplomatic and consular missions of foreign countries and representative offices of international organisations in the RS, foreign trade, transport, cultural and other representative offices, and foreign correspondents, can drive a car under the international driver’s licence for six months after entering the country.

Operating a vehicle registered abroad: There is nothing to prevent foreign citizens, or citizens of Serbia who are temporarily working abroad, from giving their permission to a foreigner to operate an alien motor vehicle. Similarly, there is nothing to prevent citizens of Serbia who are also temporarily working abroad from operating the same kind of vehicle during their temporary residence in Serbia, but such permission cannot be extended to nationals of Serbia – i.e. Serbian residents, otherwise a customs violation would be in evidence.


The request for the replacement of foreign driving license, submitted by a foreign citizen, must be accompanied by:

  1. valid foreign driver’s license and translation certified by a certified court interpreter;
  2. proof of identity (valid identity card for alien or passport) for inspection;
  3. proof of residence permit in the Republic of Serbia for more than 3 months;
  4. a certificate of good health for motor vehicles and vehicle sets the categories for which the required driving license, not older than six months;
  5. a document which shows that the applicant vehicles can be controlled, and that she has not expired (if the text of a foreign driver’s license can not be concluded that the category or type of vehicle it was issued or whether she expired);
  6. proof of payment of compensation costs of issuing driving licenses ( PDF , Word );
  7. proof of payment of the republic administrative fee ( PDF , Word )

The request shall be accompanied by a photograph size 50 x 50 mm in analog form who: faithfully and without concealment shows the face of the applicant; not retouched nor made a slot for taking photos and not older than six months.

Foreign driver’s license will not be replaced if it is a temporary, test or similar license, or if the license that changes invalid, revoked, withdrawn or canceled by the same authority that issued it.

Replaced by a foreign driver’s license returned to the state authority which issued the permit.

SPECIAL NOTE : A driver who has a driving license of the Republic of Serbia to replace the foreign, driving licenses may be issued only on the basis of replacing foreign driving license or on the basis of re-passing the driving test. No one at the same time can use the two driving licenses issued by the two countries